*TOP 10 BASICS* women's clothing for a minimalist wardrobe.

The best way to travel light or/and to have a minimalist wardrobe is to have not some much clothes.

As a fashionista, reducing my 10-year-old Parisian wardrobe to a single 60L backpack was a very difficult time and made me aware that I do not wear the clothes I buy.

To remedy this and to live my dream of Digital Nomads around the world, I have developed a minimalist collection of women's clothing for worldwide lifestyle.

Because active women are chameleon, we need to outfits that suit to each life experiences.

How to reconcile a wardrobe with multiple looks 
while having a minimalist wardrobe?

My secret is...

"My collection is a selection of clothes which can be matched together to create a lot of different outfits styles and looks."




TOP 1: Blacktop / T-shirt

The blacktop is a must-have. It fits with all your wardrobe. Choose it casual, chic or sporty and mix styles.

Sexy Crop top / Casual bra without sleeves Cotton - 7 colors *TOP 10 BASICS*

Crop top, black and sexy bra design opens on the sides - Black Uni Tops- Emilie Bramly

Sexy Casual sports Bra - Cross front with neckline - Black Top- Emilie Bramly

Sexy bra croptop with a primed neckline - 4 Colors Sports Bra- Emilie Bramly

Fancy and casual women T-shirt with eyelash & sexy lips - 2 colors Tops- Emilie Bramly

Sexy bodysuit mesh long sleeve - Black *TOP 10 BASICS*


TOP 2: Black pants

Black pants is a must-have: skintight, broad, ample, skinny, tight, cigarettes, with pliers, the black pants remains a basic of the wardrobe. It matches to all your life experience in any circumstances. Choose a cut and a design that match your morphology and wear it with your basics.


Chiffon Large Pant Split & flared / Dance pants - 12 colors

Large High Waist pant - Split on the side - Black *TOP 10 BASICS*

Long Yoga Pant, V-waist for Yoga /Dance/Fitness/Workout/Running & City - Black Legging- Emilie Bramly

Black skinny jeans - *TOP 10 BASICS* clothes for traveling women Pants- Emilie Bramly


TOP 3: Black skirt

Black skirts are treasures. Indeed, you can wear them during the day with sandals, sneakers, heels or boots. They change when you use a belt to mark your waist and connect the top of the bottom of the outfit. You then create a dress from a skirt. Clever no?

Long transparent open Skirt - Chiffon - Black *TOP 10 BASICS*

Pencil Skirt open & draped on the side High Waist - 8 colors Skirts- Emilie Bramly

Pencil Skirt opened on the side High Waist - Black & Gray Skirts- Emilie Bramly

Sexy & slinky skirt opened on the side - 5 colors - Pencil *TOP 10 BASICS*

Sexy pencil High Waist skirt - Bandage draped - 5 colors uni *TOP 10 BASICS*


TOP 4: Swimsuit - Monokini & Bikini

Recommendations :

1 black monokini
1 black bikini
1 Colorful or fancy Monokini
1 Colorful or fancy Bikini

Basic One piece swimsuit women - 5 Colors-Uni- *TOP 10 BASIC* Swimsuit- Emilie Bramly

Basic bikini with bandages, push-up bra, Brazilian - Black- uni Swimsuit- Emilie Bramly

One piece angel swimsuit women - Black / White Swimsuit- Emilie Bramly

Must-have sexy bikini 2 piece push up swimwear - 4 colors *TOP 10 BASIC* Swimsuit- Emilie Bramly


One piece swimsuit women monokini - 8 Colors-Uni Swimsuit- Emilie Bramly

Bikini casual Brazilian 2 piece - 4 colors *TOP 10 BASIC* Bodysuit- Emilie Bramly

Unique sexy swimsuit with neckline / Monokini - Leopard Print Swimsuit- Emilie Bramly


TOP 5: Leggings / Yoga pants

Leggings and Yoga pants are the basics of activewear clothes. 
Recommendations :

- 1 black legging
- 1 color legging
- 2 fancies legging.

Sports is more fun with colorful outfits.


Yoga Pants, High Waist - Quick Dry - Green Army & Black Legging- Emilie Bramly

Sexy Yoga Pants / Dance Legging - Black Open Mesh- Fast dry Legging- Emilie Bramly

Fashion Legging pants, V-waist and push up for Yoga/Dance/Fitness/Workout/Running - Black Legging- Emilie Bramly

Activewear must-have yoga legging pant- 4 colors* TOP 10 BASIC* Legging- Emilie Bramly

Activewear High Waist Yoga Pant, open on the side with pocket - 3 colors Legging- Emilie Bramly


TOP 6: Sport bra

Recommendations :

- 1 black sport bra
- 1 color sport bra 
- 1 Fancy sport bra

Fancy Sexy Sports Bra adjustable & Push up - 2 colors Sports Bra- Emilie Bramly

Fancy Sexy Sports Bra adjustable & Push up - 2 colors Sports Bra- Emilie Bramly

Sexy Sports bra/Top Workout open on the front - Black Top- Emilie Bramly

Sports Bra with Sexy backside and push up for Workout/ Running/ Fitness/ Gym/ Yoga/ Dance - 3 colors Sports Bra- Emilie Bramly

Two Pieces Sport Bra and Legging Set for Workout, Dance Yoga - Green Floral Print Legging- Emilie Bramly

2 Pieces Set Yoga Pants & Sport Bra - Sexy V High Waist for Fitness/ Workout/ Dance/ Yoga activewear (2 colors) Legging- Emilie Bramly

TOP 7: Cardigan


Long sleeve cardigan for women - 6 colors *TOP 10 BASICS* clothes for traveling women Cardigan- Emilie Bramly

Long sleeve cardigan with fringe - Cape Poncho - 8 colors *TOP 10 BASICS* Cardigan- Emilie Bramly

TOP 8: Sneakers

Casual Sneakers/ tennis shoes for women nomadic lifestyle - 11 colors Sneakers- Emilie Bramly

White casual Tennis Shoes /Sneakers for every day women life - 5 models Shoes- Emilie Bramly

White casual Tennis Shoes /Sneakers for every day women life - 5 models Shoes- Emilie Bramly
TOP 9: Elastic Belt

Belts will give a dressed look to all your outfits. It is the link between the top and bottom of your outfits. It makes all your clothes to match together.

I love the black model that is a basic and a MUST-HAVE. It is cut and gives a 50's / 60's look to your outfits.

The belt is elastic which allows you to wear the waist belt high and low waist. It belts and marks very well your size which allows highlighting your cleavage. Wear it with long skirts, short skirts, shorts, pants, jumpsuits. Never forget to mark your size.
Black sexy elastic Belt- Silver hook/buckles  - 4 colors *TOP BASICS* Belts- Emilie Bramly

TOP 10: Underwears

Practical underwear but especially comfortable and sexy.

I encourage you to have a lot of panties and a lot of thong or tanga. For special occasions opt for a sexier and unique set.

3 bra
- The classic black bra that matches all your panties or black thongs/tanga.

- A throat bra of color or fantasy that can also be worn with the colors of your panties.
- A white or flesh-colored bra without braces for special occasions and sleeveless top.


Casual underwear panties with Lace hipster cut - Set 4 panties - 6 colors 100% Cotton Underwear- Emilie Bramly

3 piece set - Sexy Lace panties/ G-string/ Thong- 6 colors Underwear- Emilie Bramly

Invisible underwear Panties without seams hipster cut - 10 colors panties- Emilie Bramly